Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pre Loved: Double Pumping Medela MiniElectric Breastpump

This compact breastpump provides the convenience of double pumping. Ideal for expressing breastmilk when at home or on the go.
  • Single or double pumping
  • Full range adjustable vacuum
  • Gentle and efficient expression
  • Electric or battery use

Medela MiniElectric Breastpump is perfect for short-term separations of mother and baby. It is lightweight and completely portable, so traveling is convenient.

The MiniElectric mimics the natural suck-release-relax cycling of a nursing baby. An adjustable vacuum allows you to select your own comfort level. For added versatility, universal threads on the breastshield allow the pump to be attached to any standard baby bottle.

The pump comes with a companion transformer that allows you to plug it into any electric outlet. Or power the pump with two AA batteries (not included). If electricity is not available or if batteries are low, the Mini Electric comes with a manual pump adapter.

The MiniElectric is dishwasher safe.
RM200 including postage.

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