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Tummy Tie Pants Extender for Pregnant Woman RM79


Can’t find the ideal bottoms during your pregnancy?
The TummyTie® was designed to allow people to continue to wear their regular sized pants or skirt when they are pregnant or have gained weight. It is made from a simple elasticised strip and is fastened to your jeans using the existing button and buttonhole.

TummyTie® was designed to allow women to continue wearing their own clothes comfortably throughout pregnancy, post pregnancy, fluctuating weight, bloating and menopause.

Features and benefits of TummyTie:

  • Extremely comfortable to wear & easy to use
  • Discreet & classic in appearance
  • The elastic expands with your waistline; the average wear is up to 6 months & post pregnancy using the medium TummyTie, & there is also a large TummyTie included in the pack for later or multiple pregnancy
  • Your pants, skirt and jeans sit flat
  • The unique patented design of TummyTie being threaded through the buttonhole & back over itself eliminates the need for a fabric panel in the front of your pants (it holds the pants together at the top rather than encouraging them to be pulled further apart like other products, & this stops your zipper from going down).
  • The patented design also enables the TummyTie to stretch depending upon how much pressure your tummy is putting on it – so it is perfect for fluctuating weight, in-between sizes, menopausal or post-operative bloating, right through to full term pregnancy; It is extremely versatile
  • High density elastic material means the TummyTie always keeps its shape & strong elasticity and is very durable
  • Designed for front, side and back fastening garments
  • You can also wear the TummyTie the reverse way around on the inside button & buttonhole of your slide fastened pants!


Step 1: Attach one end of the TummyTie to the existing button on your clothes (seam showing)
Step 2: Thread the other end of the TummyTie behind and through the buttonhole
Step 3: Fold back over itself, re-attaching the TummyTie to your existing button

Care Instructions:
Cool machine wash, lay flat to dry. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.

Pack Comprises: 2 x Medium Tummy Tie’s in black & white, 1 x large TummyTie in black

How does the TummyTie® differ from other products on the market?

There really isn't anything that compares with TummyTie.
From feedback received from our very happy customers we’ve come up with the below points of difference:

  • Discreet, minimal design and streamlined appearance = simple, comfortable, effective & aesthetically pleasing when worn
  • High density elastic retains elasticity and shape, extremely durable (unlike other products)
  • Patented design of going through the buttonhole means TummyTie stretches depending upon how much pressure your tummy puts on it = great versatility. TummyTie works if you are bloated through to full term pregnancy
  • Minimal design = prolonged comfort throughout the entire duration of the pregnancy and will never cause pressure on the growing baby. Also means TummyTie is cool when worn throughout warmer weather.
  • Patented design of going through the buttonhole means TummyTie holds the pants together (and flat) at the top, and stops the zipper from slipping down (unlike other products)
  • TummyTie can be worn the reverse way around on slide fastened pants if they have a button and buttonhole on the inside (and is soft and comfortable against the skin)
  • Very affordable price makes it an ideal purchase, and great value for money
  • The majority of women have more than one child. If another product has been previously purchased and ineffective, TummyTie is an excellent, effective and affordable alternative product

How much does TummyTie cost?

Our price is RM79.00 per pack

(Pack comprises: 2 x medium Tummy Tie’s in black and white, 1 x large Tummy Tie in black)

How much is delivery?

Delivery is a set price of RM6.00 per TummyTie Pack MALAYSIA WIDE

I don’t wear low rise jeans, and I put on weight elsewhere - will TummyTie still work?

When pregnant, weight gain will always be predominantly around the waistline, and increase more here than anywhere else. So YES TummyTie will still work for you in your clothes that may be higher waisted. You may need to team it up with a long singlet or your favourite maternity top sooner than you would with low rise pants.
Similarly, if you gain weight around your thighs and buttocks and need to go up a size in your clothes, your tummy is still going to grow more than anywhere else, so TummyTie will continue to work for you.


“Your TummyTie has been a lifesaver! It’s comfortable, easy to use, looks great and I am able to continue wearing my everyday clothes (and favourite jeans) through to the later stages of my pregnancy. Thank you so much” Eileen

“What a wonderful invention.. think of all the money I will save with my TummyTie, as maternity clothes can be quite expensive. Thanks heaps!” Joanne

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the tummy tie. It is fantastic! I have passed the word around about it to all my friends. Congratulations on a wonderful product, I love it. Thanks again" Cassandra

“It is a fantastic product such a simple idea yet so effective and amazed by the value; It is very well priced. It is definitely a product I would recommend. Thank you for a fabulous product!!” Laura

“The TummyTie is a great nifty little devise that has saved me money on buying maternity clothes like I did for my first pregnancy & makes you feel good when people can’t believe you are still wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes!” Susan

“I love the Tummy Ties, what a great invention and so simple too. I found the Tummy Tie especially good for my skinny jeans this winter as I have been able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans and not have to buy expensive (and daggy) maternity jeans.”Kara

“Excellent product, good quality and well made. Thanks!” Lisa

“No brainer... cheap, easy, effective way to get more bang for my jeans buck. Love it, have already recommended to family & friends.” Anna

“I love the Tummy Tie! I liked that fact that it was simple, easy to use and it didn’t have much fabric to others I had seen (which I thought would be bulky and uncomfortable). I have already recommended the Tummy Tie to a work colleague, who did purchase the Tummy Tie also and I do show it to people when I wear it, as it is such a clever little contraption. With the 2 sizes I am hoping it will take me right through my pregnancy so I don’t have to purchase a pair of maternity jeans, which is going to save me at least $150.” Sharon

“If I had only known about your product during my last pregnancy it would have saved me so much money on buying new clothes, it’s fantastic! I’ve never worn anything like it, I actually put it on straight away when I got it yesterday, I had these shorts on that were a little too tight, but after putting on the tummytie they were perfect again! I’m so impressed with it, thank you.”Vanessa

“I have been using my TummyTie and really like it. Much easier to use than [anything else] and gives a more streamlined look. I think you are on a winner” Michelle

“Your TummyTie has really given me much more mileage in my regular jeans this pregnancy. Not being a huge fan of maternity jeans, or similar items to yours on the market, with the small TummyTie I have been able to comfortably wear my regular jeans up to just over five months. I only wish I had of had one for my first pregnancy! Congratulations on coming up with such a clever, ingenious and simple way to continue wearing regular pants well into pregnancy. I will definitely be passing it onto my family and friends who fall pregnant on from here!” Cheryl

“..Fitted jeans, low rider jeans, baggy jeans; no matter the style are a hell of a lot more comfortable with the TummyTie. I had a few friends over and pulled up my top to show them my TummyTie and they were all pretty impressed. One being a fourth time expecting mother had purchased the other product years ago, but said she didn't like it, far too hot as all her babies have been summer ones!” Leesa

“Thank you for the TummyTie. I used it on some shorts I have and they are much more comfortable using your product” Sally

“It’s great because it’s discreet and comfortable and the comfort factor is definitely something I am loving at the moment especially when you have to sit down. I know I will be living in this throughout the coming months of my pregnancy. It’s great…. I can still wear my favourite jeans” Sacha

“I just wanted to thank you for creating such a useful product for a golden oldie such as myself. I find it so helpful these days as I suffer terrible bloating through menopause and it is just a godsend to be able to add a couple of centimetres to my waistline at the drop of a hat so to speak without the time consuming effort that I had to go through in the past of letting out seams and then when I felt OK the darn clothes were too big!!! You are an angel and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Thank you eternally.” Sandie

“I can't Begin to explain what a life saver the Tummy Tie (or should I say the Miracle Tie!) has been for me. After Having 3 kids my waist line isn't quite what it used to be and I was finding it hard getting back into my old clothes. But that's when I discovered the Tummy Tie and now I’m back into my old clothes and feeling a lot better about myself without having to spend fortunes buying a new wardrobe every time I lost a few kg's or gain a few. So THANK YOU TUMMY TIE!!” Diane

“Being a curvy girl has it pluses but like most girls it’s the negatives that I focus on and for me it was fluctuating weight. Finding a product like Tummy Tie saved me $$ on buying new clothes each time my weight went up or down. This product saved me – thanks Tummy Tie!!” Lucy

“I love the Tummy Ties and will certainly tell friends and family about them.” Margaret

“The Tummy Tie saved me a fortune in clothing. As a binge eater and big drinker, who goes on periodic health kicks – my weight was going up and down. It was a relief to find an inexpensive product that could help me continue to wear the clothes I owned and loved. Thanks Tummy Tie!!” Michael

What are you waiting for. Hurry!!! Please place your order now....

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