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Doomoo Bean Bag for your baby and toddler - Ready Stock

Doomoo Seat - Adaptable bean bag for baby and toddler

The Doomoo Bean Bag give your baby the ultimate comfort. The seat comes in a range of attractive to suit everyone wants and needs and the "Micro Beads" filling give the Doomoo feeling like no other bean bag !!!

Pride of place goes to the world famous “doomoo seat” a bean bag type seat which can be used from birth until little one reaches the weight of 30kg (normally at about the age of 7 or 8).

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) First seat
doomoo seat WITH its safety harness
- has been designed for babies from birth onwards
- your baby will be quite comfortable, whether sitting up or reclining
sitting position : Before placing the baby in the doomoo seat, apply pressure with hands to the front of the doomoo seat in order to push the microballs back and create a back rest
reclining position : spread out the microballs evenly to create a snug little nest for your baby

2) second use
doomoo seat WITHOUT the safety harness
- Can be used as soon as the child is able to sit up by itself
- By redistributing the microballs, the child can mould the seat to suit its favourite position
It is entirely the parents or carers responsibility which layer should be used (taking into account babies weight, age, height and the extent of the child’s activity).

Composition and Care

Layer with safety harness: 80% polyamide & 20% elastane ; polyester ; polyurethane Layer without safety harness : 80% polyamide & 20% elastane Base : polypropylene & PVC Filling : balls of expanded polystyrene
doomoo seat is wrapped in a plastic bag as soon as it is manufactured. It is therefore possible that certain odours emanating from the different materials used will be evident on opening. Once the doomoo seat is placed in a well-ventilated room any odour should quickly disappear.
Care instructions
The 2 upper layers of the doomoo seat are machine washable at 30°C. Do not tumble dry. The base of the bean bag in laminated fabric may be cleaned with a damp cloth.
The doomoo seat is a long life product – refills are available
After a certain time of use it is possible, and absolutely normal, that the microballs inside the doomoo seat give signs of flattening. For that reason refills of 20 litres of polystyrene microballs are available on special order to your retailer. The refilling of the doomoo seat can be done easily after unzipping the double zip located on the back of the seat.

‘Doomoo bean bag’ is a unique beanbag type seat, which uses Micropearl beads and is fast becoming every parent’s ‘must have’ is the ONLY from birth seat which is designed to be used with a baby until they reach 30kg (about 7 years of age)
The ‘doomoo seat’ is available in five different versions, original (a soft stretchy fabric on the upper covers),Classic (a soft fleece/velour fabric) and splash /bubbles (similar to the original in fabric texture, but with a heavy print design) and a new blop design.

The doomoo seat can be used from birth until your child reaches the weight of 30 kg (about 66 lbs or about 8 years old). This is one product that your child will grow out of eventually, but will never want to give it up, as it is just so comfortable!

For the initial 6 months, a security cover (with a three point harness) is zipped to the doomoo seat’s upper surface. Once baby starts to move, the doomoo seat should be used with caution for a time as obviously little one is no longer ‘so little’ and they are capable of falling out of anything. The advice is, as with any bouncer, walker or similar product, when baby is at ‘that age’ - constantly supervise!

Quite quickly the "doomoo bean bag" becomes an everyday favourite again as little one lays, jumps and wrestles with ‘their’ doomoo seat. If visitors with young children come to see you - be prepared for war! At this point the top cover will have been removed and replaced with the plain cover which comes with your doomoo seat at the time of purchase.

Both of the doomoo seat’s loose covers are fully washable (refer to washing instructions) and spares are available for both covers and filling which can after a time start to flatten. The refill packs are just a few pounds and are easily inserted. Some parents also decide to buy spare loose covers so they can change the product’s colourway

Our View… is very simple; the doomoo seat is a great product which often helps newborns to be more contented. It helps avoid ‘flat head’ and is great for babies with reflux. Many parents have commented that the doomoo seat is the best purchase they have ever made for their baby and that the quality is second to none. We would recommend the doomoo seat over any bouncer/rocker, apart from the fact that the doomoo seat is incredibly luxurious, comfortable and hard wearing, it lasts for ages!


Our price just RM249 !!!!

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