Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Many New Cases of Dengue are rising in the past few months and it is really serious.

As the saying goes ’Prevention is Better than Cure’ so we must start NOW !

BUGSLOCK is a fashionable band imported from Korea - which is effective to destroy mosquitoes .


  1. It's light (only 3 grams each) and comes in 6 beautiful colours .

  2. Made from non woven material and is convenient to carry and use.

  3. Great when camping,golfing,boating and doing all your daily activities.

  4. Deet Free and Non Toxin.Safe on Infants and expectant mothers too .

  5. Only contains citronella oil which mosquitoes hates.
How to Use BUGSLOCK:
Outdoors:-Just wear on wrist or ankle or hang at stroller or bag.
Indoors:- Just leave it open and place at any corner of the house for few hours.
(Depends on the surroundings and size )
When not in use,just zip it back in the special bag provided.

Each band lasts 240 hrs
(eg: if used for 2 hours daily 1 BUGSLOCK lasts 4 months )

1 Bugslock = RM 15.00
Buy 4 Bugslock = RM 50.00

Buy now for the well being of the whole family .
Take Note: Mosquitoes Don't Wait .
Beware of fake & cheap ‘Bugslock’


BUGSLOCK ialah gelang penghapus nyamuk yang di impot dari Korea.

  1. Ia selamat kerana tidak mengandungi sebarang toksin atau deet.

  2. Bayi dan mama mengandung pun boleh guna atau pakaiBUGSLOCK.

  3. Terdapat 6 warna yang menarik untuk dipilih.
Cara Menggunakan BUGSLOCK:
Indoors: Cuma pakai BUGSLOCK di tangan atau kaki semasa keluar.
Indoors: Cuma letak BUGSLOCK dimana mana tempat nyamuk suka berlindung
Kalau 1 hari guna 2 jam,1 Bugslock boleh tahan 4 bulan sebab -
Satu BUGSLOCK tahan 240 jam .

Sesuai digunakan bila memancing,mendaki,ke kelas tuisyen,ke kemp atau
menonton dan relaks diruang tamu.

Zipkan dalam beg yang disediakan bila tidak menggunakannya.

1 Gelang = RM 15.00
Beli 4 Gelang = RM 50.00

Memang Berkesan. Tidak Cuba, Anda Rugi !
Tiada nyamuk ! Tiada Denggi!
Awas dengan ‘Bugslock’ yang murah dan tiruan !

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